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Site Policy

Site Policy

This web site ( http://www.hmcid.com/ ) exists to promote knowledge of the business operations of Henri & M.C. International Development Ltd. (hereafter "the company") and is controlled and operated by the company and its representatives. All viewing, use or downloading of content included on this site shall be premised on the full acceptance of the site policy as laid out below.

1.Copyright etc.

  1. The company holds all rights to the content of this website unless otherwise stated and such copyright shall be protected by the copyright and other laws of Japan. All reproduction, transfer, revision, modification, addition etc. without the company's permission for any purpose is strictly forbidden.
  2. The company's prior permission is in principle required for any use of the content of this website and any violation of copyright etc. is subject to legal recourse. The company's prior permission is not required, however, in cases of reproduction for private use, quotation etc. as permitted in copyright law.
  3. Applications for use should be sent to info@hmcid.com.

2.Indemnity clauses

  1. The utmost care is taken in posting information on this website. The company does not, however, provide any sort of guarantee either expressly or implicitly regarding its accuracy, trading value, usefulness, reliability, suitability for special purposes, compatibility with rights, or safety (with regard to functions, errors, viruses and other harmful items on this website or server).
  2. Content may be altered or deleted from time to time without prior notice. The website itself may also be suspended or discontinued.
  3. The company shall not be held responsible or accept any legal responsibility for the use of information, non-use of information or damage incurred as a result of using information provided on this website.


  1. The URL address of this website is, as a rule: http://www.carlyle.com/
  2. The company’s name shall be listed as follows in HTML on any link: Henri & M.C. International Development Ltd. In such cases, Henri & M.C. International Development Ltd. shall be used as the name of the company.
  3. Links are not accepted to websites that offend against public order and morality and/or violate the law, site content that is actually or possibly illegal or websites that are operated for commercial gain. Links are also not accepted to websites that use frames to hide the source of the information.

4.Brand name

The company's brand name and the names of services it provides as posted in this website are the company's brand name and registered trademarks. The names, brand names, service names, etc. of other companies are the names, brand names and registered trademarks of the companies concerned.

5.Territory for goods and services

Information posted on this website concerns only goods and services provided within Japan and only available or purchasable for residents of Japan. In cases where territories are designated in the content, such shall take priority.

6.Applicable laws and competent court

Japanese law shall apply to the interpretation and application of this website and its site policy. Any conflict regarding this website shall be referred to the Tokyo District Court as the competent court.

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