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Profiles of key members

Profiles of key members

Keiichi Mori

Certified public accountant and licensed tax accountant. Joined Asahi auditing firm in 1999. Started own business after becoming a certified public accountant. Head of MA&P which has business with more than 400 companies in Japan and abroad, a senior partner of Saiwa Audit LLC, CEO of Henri & M.C, a solution company, CEO of GoldKey Services inc., a business company, and outside director of more than 30 client companies. Lecturer at MOT since April 2011. Has been noted for business scheme development to maximize clients' needs as a specialist, a consultant, an entrepreneur, and a businessperson.

Christopher N.Q. Nguyen

Head of HMC New York office. Alumni of University of Pennsylvania. Areas of focus: management consulting and business development, investment and finance. Handled large-scale investments and projects. Holds strong networks in North America and emerging markets Asia, especially in Vietnam.

Mayumi Sawada

Director of China Council for the Promotion of International Economic and Cultural Exchange, General agent of Archduke Dr. Géza von Habsburg in Asia, Deputy General Manager of Century Wall Culture and Arts Ltd.,. Chairman of Henry & M.C. International (Hong Kong ). Leads various businesses to success by utilizing wide spectrum of networks in Europe,North & South America and China. Also strong in planning and operating seminars and symposiums.

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