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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This web site ( http://www.hmcid.com/ ) exists to promote knowledge of the business operations of Henri & M.C. International Development Ltd. (hereafter "the company") and is controlled and operated by the company and its representatives. All viewing, use or downloading of content included on this site shall be premised on the full acceptance of the site policy as laid out below.

Rules for the Protection of Personal Information

  1. The company shall respect statutes and regulations related to the use of personal information.
  2. The company shall handle personal information appropriately and shall not, except when so required in law, divulge or make public personal information or use it for any ulterior purpose.
  3. The company shall instruct all of its employees in the importance of respect for personal information and its appropriate use.
  4. The company shall make reasonable efforts to prevent improper access to personal information, its loss, alteration, leakage etc. and shall implement appropriate safety measures accordingly.
  5. The company shall not, except when so required in law, provide personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the person concerned.
  6. The company shall, when entrusted with personal information, seek to manage that information in a safe and appropriate manner.
  7. The company shall continually review its administrative systems and measures for the protection of personal information and endeavor to improve them.

Handling of Personal Information

  1. Purposes of Use
    • The proposal and provision of services, including certification for the auditing of accounts, the construction and unification of internal systems, public stock offering, merger and acquisition and corporate realignment, advisory services on intellectual properties, IT assurance, security services, financial advisory services, advisory services for the public sector, joint management services, risk management and management auditing services, and corporate social responsibility services.
    • The provision of information through the company's publications (including this web site and materials sent by e-mail) and sales of and subscriptions to the same.
    • Notification of all types of seminar and study group and organization of the same.
    • Recruitment of all employees and personnel management subsequent to their recruitment.
    • Proposals, statistics, surveys etc. related to the services listed in a) above and social contribution activities, including responses to inquiries from public institutions etc.
    • Responses to inquiries from persons regarding their own personal information.
  2. Implementation of Security Measures

    The company shall implement security of information and other security measures in order to protect the accuracy and security of personal information and endeavor to prevent improper access to, loss of, damage to, alteration of, leakage of etc. personal information. If it is recognized that the reform of security measures is needed, such changes shall be made with celerity. Rules and control procedures for the protection of personal information shall be established in accordance with the foregoing and the effort shall be made to review and revise them on a continuing basis.

  3. Structures and Systems

    The company shall appoint a person in each department and bureau to be responsible for the management of personal data and personal information shall be controlled in an appropriate manner. In addition, all employees shall be provided with instruction in the protection of personal information and appropriate management methods for it and the appropriate handling of personal information shall be implemented thoroughly in daily business operations. All responsibility and obligations that arise in relation to the security of personal information shall be borne solely by Henri & M.C. International Development Ltd. or joint corporate users of the site by themselves. The company shall not bear any responsibility or obligations by association.

  4. Procedures for the Disclosure etc. of Personal Data

    Requests for the disclosure etc. of personal data (notification of intended use, disclosure, adjustment, addition, removal, suspension of use, elimination, suspension of provision to a third party) shall be made by telephone or letter to the section responsible for personal information indicated below. All actual costs of the procedures entailed by such disclosure etc. shall be charged.

  5. Comments and Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

    The company shall handle comments and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information in an appropriate manner.

Please address any comments or inquiries related to the handling of personal information to:

Henri & M.C. International Development Ltd.
5F-New Kyobashi Bldg 3-12-6Kyobashi Chuo-ku.Tokyo 104-0031
TEL:+813 6264 4838
FAX:+813 6264 4839

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